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3 Free Chrome Extensions for Your SEO

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If you want your website to rank well on Google (and on other search engines), you have to work on its SEO - or Search Engine optimization.

There is several ways to optimize your website for search engines: by chosing the right keywords, creating more content (like a blog), having a backlink strategy, and even with technical SEO.

We're going to focus on this last category: technical SEO. Yes, you can improve your ranking on Google without having to do marketing! One part of this is called programmatic SEO, but we won't talk about it today (if you're interested in programmatic SEO, here is a guide you might like).

Today we're going to talk about improving your HTML structure, your meta tags and optimize the speed of your website. All of these elements are important and matter for your SEO.

But you're not alone in this journey! It exists some tools to help you improving your website for SEO. Today, we're going to present 3 free Chrome extensions whose goals are exactly this: help you work on your tech SEO.

SpeedMeter: to Analyze Your Website Speed

logo of the Chrome extension SpeedMeter

The first extension we're going to talk about here is called SpeedMeter.

This simple extension records and analyzes the network requests of your website. Basically, once the analyze starts, it refreshes your webpage and lists all the requests, sorted by the slowest to load to the fastest. They're also listed with different colors, so you can easily see which requests are slowing down your website.

The point here is to know what request you have to improve. It can be an external API or an internal image; the extension will show it to you.

SpeedMeter also saves the previous analysis so you can replay them later and compare the improvments you've made!

Meta Explorer: to Check and Improve Your Page Meta Tags

logo of the Chrome extension Meta Explorer

The second extension we're going to talk about here, is Meta Explorer.

As you might guess with its name, the extension analyzes a web page to retrieve its meta tags: title, description, canonical URL, og tags, etc. But also the h1...h6 tags of the page. The extension gives you a score, rating your webpage meta tags SEO.

The goal is to tell you what is missing on your webpage, what is not optimized, and what you can change. It is an extension that is pretty easy to use and that gives you vital insights about your website SEO.

Sprout SEO, for a more complete analysis

logo of the Chrome extension Sprout SEO

The last extension listed on this article is Sprout SEO.

Sprout SEO is a very complete Chrome extension that will give you key analysis of your website.

Once opened on a webpage, it will for example return: the meta tags and their optimization, the headings of the page, the links present on the page, the schema, the social cards when you share your page, and a list of tools to analyze your web page.

So, if you want a full analyze of your website, without going too deeply into the technical jargon, Sprout SEO might be the extension you need!


That's it for the 3 Chrome extensions that will help you for your SEO.

I hope you've learnt a few things in this article, and that you'll use at least one of these extensions to improve your website's SEO.

If you want to see more SEO tools, here is a full listing on our website Indie Dev Tools.

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Written by Alexandre Grisey

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