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3 Popups You Should Add on Your Website

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Popups are a great way to engage with your audience and increase your conversion rate. But they can be annoying, if there is too many of them or if they prevent your users from using your website correctly; they'll have the opposite effect.

They have to be used carefully.

But some of them, well used, are very powerful tools for your websites.

This is today's article theme: we're going to talk about 3 popup tools to integrate on your website to increase your conversion rate and engage with your audience.

When Should I Use A Popup on My Website?

A popup cannot be added on your website without purpose. It has to bring some value to your user or to your website.

For example, you wouldn't add a chat popup on a blog, would you? It wouldn't make much sense.

Well, this is the same for every website. Don't add a popup because you can, add a popup because it brings a value.

The Three Best Popups to Integrate to Your Website

After this short introduction, it is now time to list the best 3 popups to add to your website!



logo of the service PoopUp

PoopUp's website titles:

Delivers impactful and attention-grabbing pop-up notifications to confront website visitors with the harsh realities, driving engagement and conversions.

Well, it's good summary!

PoopUp adds notifications on the top right of your website, which you can personnalize (title, message and image).

The goal is to trigger the interest of your website's visitors. To press on their pain point to show them how your product can solve it and, in the end, increase the conversion rate of your page.

PoopUp can be integrated on your website with a single line of code.

Lite Feedback

logo of the service Lite Feedback

Lite Feedback is a popup made to get feedback from your users.

It displays a small window on the bottom right of your website's screen, with a simple textarea in it. The goal is simple: ask the feedback of your visitor.

Each time a visitor sends a feedback, it'll be displayed on your dashboard, including data about this user (like the location). You can also receive an email and a notification on Telegram.

Enterily personalizable, Lite Feedback also integrates on your website with one line of code.


logo of the service Lite Feedback

Sales Popup is a simple popup that can definitely increase your conversion rate.

It simply displays on the bottom left of your website a tiny popup that contains your last sales on Stripe of Lemon Squeezy. The sales are verified through a connection between Sales Popup and your provider.

If your website already has quite a lot of customers, it's a very good authority proof that can convince more visitors to buy your product.

Sales Popup, like the other 2 listed popup services, can be integrated with a single line of code.


This is it! These are 3 interesting popups to integrate to your website. As you saw, each one has its own purpose, and you should integrate it carefully, depending on what you need.

If you want to see more tools dedicated to marketing and sales, click here! Indie Dev Tools has a category focused on these tools!

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Written by Alexandre Grisey

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